Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring..Winter... Winter.... Spring?

Even though it was slightly chilly on Saturday we had opening ceremonies for Little League. The weather and clouds held out most of the day, so the events were pleasant. I was stuck at the fundraising table, but I had a good seat to watch the action. Each team got called out to the field, followed by the opening pitch of the season by Smokey the Bear.

Kynz to the far left with the stripity jacket on, marched out to the field.
Kasey with the purple jacket on is ready to play ball!
I also stuck around for the 2 games to follow, and kept score. I'm so excited the season is finally underway!
AND THEN.... Sunday came!
The weather yesterday was very unspringlike. It was windy, cold and snowy all day! We did take advantage of the cold by spending the afternoon playing ping pong and wii bowling. It was actually a very nice day inside despite the weather outside.

I guess due to the cold and yucky weather we had some visitors this morning in our yard!
(picture taken by Kenneth long before I got out of bed)


Amie said...

man, you have some crazy weather up there!

Mama Echo said...

Don't miss Montana much right now, do you?