Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do you see what I see?

I can't see, where are my glasses?

Hmm, I guess they are OK!

I got my glasses yesterday. So far I realized I don't like transition lenses, they make me feel like a dork!(the lady helping me talked me into them because she said at our elevation I should really protect my eyes... but seriously I really feel like a dork, not to say everyone with transition lenses looks like a dork... but I do!) I do like being able to see more clearer, things seem to pop right out at me- SHARPER! I don't like that when I look downward and half of my vision is through the glasses and half is not it creates an optical illusion, and my legs look very weird. I do like that I feel smarter... not really, but I like that when I was watching tv last night the people didn't get all fuzzy on me!


Mama Echo said...

Those are cute glasses!

leaner said...

I hate transitions, I was talked into them once and they were the worst!

I love your glasses! Super cute.

Michelle said...

Very cute!

hairball said...

That weird optical illusion goes away after a while. The first time I put on glasses I thought I had shrunk. (and that is a big deal since I am already short!)

Alex's Human said...

I love those glasses!