Tuesday, February 16, 2010


MOO HOO HA HA! Well not really. I've thought and thought of what fun stuff I could post today, but I got nothing. Weekend flew by really, Kasey was a sicky and we just kind of hung out minus 2 as Kenneth and Ty were at a baseball camp in Mesa. Friday I had to do a two minute walk through with my old Landlords son. He said it looked fantastic, so I should be expecting a check for my deposit any moment... which comes none to soon because the propane tank at the new house needs filling and it's a bit pricey. I also rented a couple movies on Friday night and snuggled in my big bed all alone and watched, after I took a long soak in the jacuzzi tub (NICE). My sister Darcey was getting rid of a large fish tank with some goldies in it so I had the hubby bring it back with him. Most of you know I don't have a great track record with fish, or dogs for that matter... but that's a whole other story. We call it the curse of Blacky! (Well I call it that anyway!) We will see if I can keep these ones alive, they've been around a while, so maybe just maybe they are past their dying stage... or something like that.
Today I went to pay my water bill, and dropped it off, and got a phone call soon after saying to come pick my check back up. I guess that they used my deposit to pay the bill....AWESOME. Then come to find out that the water lady is the sister of my new landlord... small world... and she said she will be stopping by from time to time... which makes me think "unannounced???" or should I at all times be stressing whether this woman is going to be stopping in, just to check whether we are cleanly, or messing things up, or crap like that. Makes me a tad on the nervous side. I kind of preferred the idea that the landlord lives far far away and I wouldn't ever meet her. Oh well, I'm a pretty good cleaner, if I do say so myself. Other than that, I'm really ready for spring time, or maybe just for this month to be over. I feel like the going going going has to slow a little sometime in the near future.

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