Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Giving you all the grand tour!

For today's tour we are starting with the downstairs. So lets take a look. Keep in mind we've only been moved in since this weekend, and there are a few things that have not yet found a home. But for the most part we are settled quite nicely. You go down the stairs you see in picture above turn right and head down some more stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs is this room. It's a daylight basement... or otherwise half the house is buried in the hill and the other half is not. This room is pretty large. We decide to use it as the kids hang out complete with ping pong and tv area. The far door is the girls bedroom door.

Here is the girls room. One of my first projects will be to make some valances for their windows. They also have a walk in closet.
My Pictures got kind of our of order. Here is the kids toilet. It's a jack and jill bathroom!

One entrance into the kids bathroom.
This is one of the many storage areas through out the house.

Close your eyes. This is the boys very very messy room... already doesn't make for a Happy mommy, but what do you do. It was clean a few days ago.
So that's it for today. Stay tuned for the upstairs...


hairball said...

wow! are you guys renting or are gonna buy it?

Amie said...

wow it's awesome! It's huge! Love that downstairs room and the bathroom!