Monday, January 25, 2010

Crazy, Moving(again), and SNOW!

I am so glad it's Monday!!!! oh and that the kids could go to school today. Normally I hate the Monday... hate the Monday very much. But today after last weeks chaos of snow schedules it's good to have a day alone to get things done. Last Tuesday, Wed. and Thursday we had delay days, and don't get me wrong I love sleeping in but it does make the day shorter and I didn't get as much done as I would of liked to. Then Friday was a full fledged snow day, so we just played and played. Which once again I loved but didn't get a whole lot done. Saturday cold... Sunday church. Yay for Monday ready to get back to things. Last week we found out a rental we have been waiting for is now available. It's quite a bit bigger than the one we are in now, and I'm very excited to move. The house we are living in now is the lucky 13th house we've lived in, in our married lives. That's not counting moves, that's just houses we've lived in. From little apartment in the ghetto of Mesa, to a single wide in the SanManuel trailer park... shortly after to upgrade to a newer single wide in the trailer park (man we thought we were moving on up), lived in my mom and dads house when they moved to Montana, then shared 2 different houses with them in Red Lodge, We've lived in duplexes and split levels, tiny 2 stories, and just plain tiny (including the scariest basement known to man, with the little white door in the corner- gives me the willies just thinking about it) Finally our first and only owned home. So I'm no stranger to moving, and I'm super excited to get out of this house and into one that fits us a little better. So I'll be busy packing this week, so we can be in on Feb. 5.

And the crazier side of me thought I would run today because I missed last week due to yucky wet weather and icy roads..... 6 degrees, 7000 ft, very very stupid... my lungs are still burning and my fingers may take days to thaw. But I do feel a little like Rocky when he trained in Russia! HA!


Mama Echo said...

Wow!! You've got quite the day ahead of you! And running too? IMPRESSIVE!

Amie said...

giggle for the little white door in the corner! Good luck!