Monday, January 11, 2010

The Challenge

I got a text from my Running Sister today: have you been running lately?
My reply: ha ha ha ha ha! (to which I realized last year I told her I would really like to get to where I could run a mile.... well crap!)
Sister: I have a challenge for you I need someone for my ragnar team which is 26 and 27 of Feb it would be great fun for you to do it with me what do you think?
What I think is I'm a suckerific runner, and a wiener, but that's not what I replied, however I was honest: I can't run more than a block, I suck!
To which I immediately got dressed and went for a little run and a lotta walk. When I got back-
Me: Make me do it, I need some motivation.
Sister: Ok how about setting a goal for next year?
Me: Thanks that's the kick in the butt I need to get moving.
Sister: Ok then it's set next year your on the team.

Now, I know somewhere deep inside I really want to be able to run. I also know it will be a lot of hard work, and pushing for me to do this. So I have about 13 months to be able to run 3-4 miles without keeling over. Doubtful... hell yes.... this is me we are talking about it. But now that I've committed to the Running Sister, I will do my best.


Mama Echo said...

you can do it! you can do it! (I'll be the cheerleader sister?)

Amie said...

More power to ya lady. Running is not easy. But some people seem to be so good at it!!

lvh said...

whoa - Mesa to Wickenburg - sounds fun but I'd rather walk it. I never could run - even in high school I could not go once around the track. I keep trying but I like the little bit of running lotta walking thing too.

LOL - word verification is fasta - hmm guess I need to get moving.

Good luck - you can do it.