Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't walk down my street or you might get pee in your face!

What a crazy windy day..... and night.... and day. It was so windy yesterday and all night and today. It made my shoulders very tense, I hate the sound of the wind trying to rip off my roof. Not only that but as it snowed and blew, and blew and snowed it created a ice slick on the road. So pleasant, not even enough snow to have fun in, but enough to make for unpleasant driving conditions. Anyhow, as you can tell I'm not cheering HOORAH for the wind. I will however cheer for sleeping in today due to my kids first ever official SNOW DAY! and that made the yucky blucky weather seem ok. But now you wonder what the title of this blog is all about. So here it is:

For the year I lived here I've noticed that when the wind is howling like it is today and last night and yesterday, that the water in the toilet bowl slowly drops. I kind of wondered, hmmm, that's odd. So in a very unscientific way I sat and thought why this may happen.... and then it dawned on me one single possibility. Toilets have a vent out the top of the house to vent the smells from building up and creating nasty gases???? am I right so far? Those vents surely are susceptible to wind entering them as well? Right? So doesn't it make sense that if the wind was blowing hard enough it could cause a type of pressure pushing water right out said vent? So basically our pee pee water is flying right out the top of our house? Kind of gross, if that's what really happens.


Alex's Human said...

Ummmm.. Ok, that's gross! But I've thought about how the plumbing system is set up, and I can assure you that it's not the way it works.. Even if the wind was able to blow hard enough to affect level of water in the bowl, gravity would still prevail and cause the water to flow down the drain into the sewer/septic tank. It wouldn't flow up through the pipe to the roof. Something we can all be thankful for.

Amie said...

lol, not sure about that one, but very creative theory!