Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Programs (another wonderful part of the season)

Maybe someday I will figure out how to take quality auditorium shots... but for now this is what you get.
The littlest angel!

Wyatt did a superb, yes superb job singing his little heart out at last nights Christmas Concert. And just in case you were wondering the girl next to him is not staring meanly at him because he's off key, but because it was part of the song.

I'm pretty sure Kynzie is telling Santa how mean we her brothers are and not to bring them anything for Christmas, and a pony don't forget the pony!

I even got into the action at Saturday nights Church Christmas party.
Kasey said she didn't ask Santa for anything because she already sent him a letter. It's best to not be to pushy!

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Amie said...

It IS very hard to get good shots...your flash goes nowhere and non-flash shots are shaky. Plus throw in a little fluorescent lighting and you have a Trifecta of Photography Disasters. However, your subjects are cute. The only cure is to get really close, if no one else minds. :)