Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today I'm thankful that no one told me out loud what a dork I am by posting 2, 11th posts. One was meant to be the 12th, but hey I lost count of my days I guess.

I'm pretty thankful also that I could get some stuff done on the 13th... including getting the very unlucky Indiana Cat a little snipping in his manly regions. Yay for that. I don't think it will change his devilish personality, but he won't be spraying his scent everywhere which is a great thing.

I'm pretty thankful that for the most part we have hot water. We've been experiencing some hot water issues, and the other day I had to go the day without, luckily it didn't go out until the kids were all showered and gone to school. But I ended up boiling water to do dishes, and more water to wash off with. It was not something I enjoyed, but it made me appreciate my daily shower a lot more.

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