Monday, September 14, 2009


Wow... wow.... wowzers! When I sit down and think about, give or take a few minutes on a daily basis I spend more than an hour and a half in the car just picking up and dropping off. I'm sure this is pretty close to most moms. It just seemed like a lot today. On top of the normal midday I had to pick up Wyatt from school to take him to a follow up Doctor visit. During soccer practice he's been having a hard time breathing... and so he's been on an inhaler for the last couple weeks, had we had a working computer I would of probably blogged all about it, but now it's just an after thought. So he went in to check with Doctor and tell him it really seems to be helping. Hooray for that.... but while at the Doctor I was well... highly embarrassed. Not really any ones fault exactly... but never the less due to my cringing embarrassment of the human body it may have scarred me for a few hours until I get the image out of my head. The Doctors office was kind of backed up and we had to wait almost an hour, I had drank a huge cup of Diet Coke before leaving the house... and by the time we got led back to the Room, I had to pee pretty bad. Knowing that we would be waiting in the Room for a bit, I went back up to the front to use their bathroom. Opened the door and WAMO, there was someone sitting on the pot. I hate that, it's by far one of the worst feelings ever. This is why I check the locks of public restrooms 2 or 3 times before I even attempt to pull down my pants. I feeling very flush immediately headed back to the Room... suddenly not having to pee at all. So Wyatts appointment was done and we left. I dropped him back at school, with just enough time to run a few errands and pick up miss Kasey. I had one more errand to run so I took a different route through town to get to the bank. It's out of town a little but by no means a quiet road. It's one of the main entrances into town. So as I'm driving, I happen to see something coming up on my left hand side... I'm thinking that my urge to pee had transported it's way to the lady that was on the side of the road, because there she was completely bare arsed urinating right there. YIKES... yikes I tell you! 2 in one day! Totally to much for me. I'm so glad to be home.


Amie said...

wow, how does that happen twice in one day?!

Mama Echo said...

Wow!! Thanks for the chuckle.

BrieP said...

walking in on somebody on the pot is horrible. Sounds like an exciting day!