Thursday, August 6, 2009

I've Got Big Plans... Big Plans I Tell Ya!

I've had all summer to think about it. Being alone... all alone, for a few hours every day. So next Wednesday the kiddos all go back to school, and here is what I've come up with so far:

I want to repaint some of Kynzies furniture in her room. She really like the color turquoise so I'm thinking that it would be cool to paint her night stand and toy box teal. I've wanted to do it all summer but never really got to it. So it will my first project.

And speaking of paint, I'm going to get the paint on the walls here matched so that I can do touch ups to this house. 6 people, small house, things get a bit scuffed.

A huge project I'm going to start working on, is organizing and saving all my digital photos from the last 5- you heard me- 5 years. I have most them saved on cds, but I would like to save them all one more time so if we get a new computer in the next year (like we'd really like to) my pictures will all be somewhere safe. (anyone have any advice on alternative ways to save my pictures? I don't know much about computers other than whats right in front of me)

I'd also like to make some more picture movies, so the kids can watch pictures from the last few years any time they want.

Another project I'd like to do is make a portable quilted growth chart. (just waiting for my Birthday in October so I can get a sewing machine)

The sewing machine will give me a whole world of projects... and the second thing I make will be t-shirt quilts for the boys. I've been saving there shirts since they were babies, and I have a huge amount for them now. So it should be a very very fun project. I'm really excited about it.

In my spare time... I'm going to practice taking pictures as much as possible. And hope to start a photo blog at some point.

I guess that's enough to keep me occupied for awhile, I hope to have most of these things done by Christmas... wish me luck!


hairball said...

i am not positive on this but i think you can make photo albums on and print them whenever you like or keep them there. not sure how entirely permanent this is though

Michelle said...

Nate and I bought a portable hard drive at Costco for $99. It's 320 GB, so it will hold thousands of photos and music. We backed up both our computers with it-- very simple and much smaller to store than all those CDs.

Pen-nut said...

Woo-hoo!! Sounds like you are going to have a busy fall with all of those projects, but sounds like lots of fun. Makes me excited to start projects of my own.

Mama Echo said...

you know, you could always scrapbook those photos... ;) That's what I plan on doing when school starts. Just a thought...

leaner said...

I have an external hard drive. Its a big one, You can get a TB for about $100 on well worth it, I tell ya!
I save my pics on the external hard drive, a DVD and also on my computer. (Oh, and often I have taken back up DVDs to my mom's house to keep an extra set there.) I am paranoid about losing them I guess.

I LOVE my photoblog. Doing the picture a day for a year thing has really taught me how to use my camera.

Amie said...

I love your plans! Painting is a never ending need, right? We've been doing the same thing. I save all my pics on DVDs--6 months at a time or so--but you can also get an external harddrive for this same reason. Or back up your backups, you know...have 2 CDs of everything. (PS: DVDs have a LOT more room...) You should add to your list: Visit Amie in the valley