Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life with 6 kids.

The last couple weeks have been.... well slightly weird. Starting with my whole weird stomach thing. Up until today, I was still feeling pretty crappy. But finally I woke up this morning and to my surprise, my stomach did not hurt. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! That was a horrible experience and have decided that I don't deal with pain very well, it's my human flaw.... well one of them.
For the last few days I've had 2 extra kids here. My sister-in-law is in Iraq. She had to leave a few months ago. And with her husband working full time, it's left the family scrambling to help care for these two little girls. This week I got a turn to have them. They are 2 and 5 and considering the circumstances they adjust really well to new places and people. It hasn't been at all bad having them here, they kind of blend right in. Other than the fact that that makes 2, 5 year olds, and makes me very very glad I never had twins. I can't even imagine being a mom away from my kids for a whole year. It breaks my heart to think about it.
Tonight we are going to head down and do some school shopping in Tucson. Can you believe it's already that time. We have done absolutely nothing this summer. Sports have taken over my life. Next year we need to have more concrete plans, and not let sports stop us. Don't get me wrong that I love watching them play, but I don't think the world will stop spinning if we miss a game. We are really cutting back on the school shopping extravaganza this year. Only getting the necessities. Who made going back to school a national holiday complete with $100s of dollars worth of crap anyway? So I made a list of the clothes they really need, and that's all they are getting.
Then on to next week, when I will be pulling the night shift at girls camp. YEEHAW!


Mama Echo said...

Ha Ha Ha!! I never thought of school shopping as a national holiday, but you are totally right!!

Amie said...

Enjoy! =) be safe.