Saturday, June 6, 2009

Greer Day!

Look its the Parade!

In the search for cheap or in this case free things to do close by, we found out that Greer days were happening right over the hill from us. So we loaded up and minus one grouchy teenager(He had just got back from spending a week at EFY and wasn't in the mood to do anything else) we were off to Greer. Greer being a very small town, their days were pretty small, parade, a few booths, and some other little things going on. But free non the less. I did spend a few dollars on old library books. And I enjoyed the beautiful little area that's not that far from home.


Lean Bean said...

My mom still lives in Taylor so sometimes we go have a fun cheap weekend at these festivals:

Taylor-Snowflake puts on a fun 4th of July celebration.

Snowflake Pioneer days celebration is on July 17th & 18th.

Taylor Sweet Corn Festival is on September 4th & 5th.

Here is a place to see some of the other fun stuff they do:

Michelle said...

Fun and free cannot be beat!

BrieP said...

I love free. There are a lot of free things around we just dont do any and I do not know why.

On another note. I borrowed old tapes of me and Jason from 1990 and You and Leaner are looking pretty cute!

Mama Echo said...

I love small town parades!!