Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dance dance dance!

(picture has nothing to do with actual post)
I almost fell asleep in church today, it had nothing to do with the teachers or anything, I was just plain tired. I am officially an old lady. I stayed up past midnight, and it kicked my butt... kicked it hard... left me beaten and crying on the curb... well maybe not that bad, but pretty darn tired. It was fun taking a car load of girls over to the dance. It took me back to my youth. I loved church dances, they were so much funner, cooler, greater, better, than school dances. I was so excited when I got my "dance card" and got to go. I miss that kind of stuff. I miss line dances and slow dances, and jumping all over the place like a crazy girl. Oh, the fun of it all. If I did that now, I would probably strain, sprain, make something sore, and leave me oh so tired, because I was tired just from watching!


Lean Bean said...

I was unusually tired during church today as well. I seriously didn't think I was gonna make it through all 3 hours! It was either the swimming I did yesterday, or the all night movie watching I did on friday night. I never do that any ore, but I wasn't skleepy at the time, so I just kept watching movies until 5:30 in the morning! Then my hubby woke me up at 10 am to go run errands wuith him ande I thought I was gonna die at first, but after a few hours of being awake I felt fine. It must have just caught up with me this morning at church. I did end up barely making it through all 3 hours but I dozed on the sofa all afternoon.

BrieP said...

I love church dances. I even had scott drop me off at one when we were dating. I want to go to a dance!

Mama Echo said...

You're still just a young whipper-snapper.
Glad to hear you had fun!

Amie said...

Ha ha, sounds so fun! I loved stake dances too!! Bring on the electric slide!