Monday, May 18, 2009

On the way to the fair... and other stories!

We never really went to any fair... or had any plans to. But we did go for a drive up the mountain yesterday. Just a short 20 miles from my home you can elevate 2000 feet and loose 17 degrees. It was beautiful up there though and took me back to my childhood and camping with my dad. And what a escape from the Arizona heat, although it has been in the perfect 70s for the last couple weeks here, I'm loving that! On our trip we met Dead Fred... the Fish who got away!
Beautiful Big Lake sits at Elevation 9000

And a mountain top view of the valley we live in. It really is pretty here. I'm so excited summer is almost here, and we can start enjoying all this place has to offer. There are a ton of lakes and trails, elk... and more elk. And best of all, it's not hot!


Mama Echo said...

What a great escape and so close too home!! You'll have fun this summer.

Lean Bean said...

Where do you live again? I forgot.

tif-do said...


BrieP said...

I love Big Lake.