Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuckered Out

Bronze Otter
FAT Prairie Dog

Giraffe or Cacti?

Bronze lizard

Cool rock trail!

Wyatt the Coyote Tamer

Goat Boy

I left Sunday to take a quick road trip down to the Tucson area to spend some time with the inlaws and take the kids to the Sonora Desert Museum. Monday the girls and I has some girlie time with my gram-in-law. She took us shopping. The boys had some time driving with their great grandan, he let Wyatt drive all over the desert (watch out coyotes). Then yesterday, which was Tuesday I took the kids to the museum. It's a great museum/zoo type place. There is lots for the kids to see and do. But since a lot of the living animals we're sound asleep, due to the warm temps and mid day time we got there, the kids had more fun finding the bronze animals that are through out the place. They were very cool. From bronze deer, javalina to eagles and hummingbird. There were even bronze tarantulas and lizards hiding the cracks of the rocks. There was 2 different tunnels that the kids could crawl/climb through. The one that was outside reminded me of climbing all over the rocks at LVHs house in Oracle. The inside one was in a man made cave, and it was dark, and of course I bumped my head really hard while climbing through. After we were done at the museum I took the kids to eat and to the mall, because what trip would be complete without a trip to the mall. So I feel like a drove for 4 days straight, and I'm ready for a little nap that's for sure. But it was fun, and we have 2 more official spring break days to do some fun-lazy things around here!


Pen-nut said...

Glad you had a good time!! Enjoy the rest of your spring break!!

Mama Echo said...

I wish our spring break was during spring instead of the dead of winter.

Michelle said...

I'm with Mama Echo on this one. It doesn't feel like spring this week. I did finally look at our school calendar to see if we had a spring break. It turns out our district is scheduled exactly like BT for the end of the year-- long Easter and early summer. Horray!!!!

lvh said...

I loved my big rocks - they were much better than these sandstone things up here that break up and wear away so easily. Was really fun when the boy child had goats and every morning when we'd get up and go outside, they'd be up on top of the rocks so when we made an appearance they could make sure we knew they were hungry. Glad you are enjoying time with the family. love ya