Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good Work!

We spent our Saturday doing some yard work for Kenneths grandparents. It felt so good to work as a family to get the yard ready for spring. Kenneth also put some sealant on the tile.


Mama Echo said...

What a productive weekend! Good job!!

lvh said...

how exciting to be close enough to visit the family and help out those who need help. So glad your kids are getting to spend more time with their extended family.

Amie said...

I TOTALLY dreamed you were pregnant last night! And in order to visit you, I had to hike through this mountain full of mine shafts, etc. At the top of the mountain, you were a teacher with a classroom and you were like 9 months pregnant with a belly of only like 4 months. I felt your belly and it felt all weird and lumpy. It was disconcerting. LOL! Then I had to hurry home because I was late for my boys' bus.