Saturday, January 10, 2009

Somewhere in between Yoga and Violent Femmes I lost it. My mind! Let me go on like a blister in the sun... let me go on... I was breathing deeply in and out in and out... and I will tell you something, you can get sore from yoga, very sore. It's odd you know, because at the time it doesn't feel like your really doing anything at all, then wham-o the next morning you wake up sore. Okay that being said... it's Saturday, a day of rest and relaxation, and what did I do??? I put together a set of bunk beds... the wrong way... then I put them together again the right way. All is right with the universe... and now you all ask... weren't you just bragging about getting rid of a set of bunk beds last month to which I reply yes, but these bunk beds are better, they take up less room, and now the girls have room to play once again. So I did yoga I put together a bunk bed, and I listened to Violent Femmes... what do I have to do, what do I have to do, what I have to do, to prove my love to you! And now the day is almost over... well not almost but when you go to bed in the 8-9 area really 3:30 is almost over. 3rd verse same as the first... just last night... I was reminded that. Saying please please please do not go...did you know that tonight's the biggest full moon of the year... and I promise it won't be me doing the mooning! So go out a look.


Amie said...

LOL, I didn't really understand this post, but I liked it(I got all the song references) but what do you mean you 'lost it' ? You lost your day? You lost your mind? Are you upset? Do you call the wind Mariah?

I totally don't get yoga--how do people lose weight doing it? I understand it's hard (I've done it) but it's mostly just stretching and holding and shaking (in my case) how is it actually exercise?

Pen-nut said...

I loved the moon tonight - it's beautiful. I also love the pictures of your new home. You have it decorated so cute, I can't wait to see it.