Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here we are together, together, together, oh here we are together!

As I look out the window and see the pine hills touched with snow... a bald eagle resting on a nearby tree, and elk poop scattered across the weedy back yard... I have a hard time believing I'm in sunny warm Arizona. This is not the Arizona I grew up in that's for sure. But it is suppose to be in the 50s today, and that is the start of something good. On Monday we woke to a half an inch of snow, to which I thought nothing of, until a neighbor called and said,"I didn't think you would know that to day is a delayed start day." meaning that because of all the snow (HA HA HA) they start school 2 hours late so that the rodes can get cleaned off before the buses travel on them. Wow I lived in Big Twig in the snow snow snow, and we never had a delayed day, and certainly never had a snow day! But welcome to AZ. So we got the kids in early to get them registered. I mean, we got Wyatt and Kynzie registered... and Ty for what ever reason did not get to start until the next day. They all seem to be adjusting and finding friends. Ty started basketball tryouts (they actually already made cuts for the team, but they made an exception for him) the only problem with this, is the 6 am practices. Today was my first day of having to take him... and I think that 6 am is to early to function, let alone practice basketball, but who am I... not a 6 am person that's for sure. Then there's Wyatt who is having to start over his whole freshmen year... even though he's a super smart kid that was passing all his classes with good grades... he has to start over because of the block schedule ( which is to complex to explain). But beyond that he seems to be enjoying himself well enough for the first week. I'm sure it will get better for him too. Kynzie is doing well too. She needs to relax a little, I think this has been a stressful week for her. But here we are doing okay adjusting and trying to find our routine... trying to find a life here. I definitely think it will take me a lot more time than the kids but maybe someday!


Amie said...

wow, 6am practice, that's nuts! I hope you're making yourself a nice home. =) I'm glad you're all back together.

lvh said...

Hey - how about some pictures of your snow, home and surroundings. We're supposed to get snow today also but not much - the beartooths are socked in and finally no wind for at least a while.