Sunday, January 4, 2009


Wyatt and his fake mustache~

I know you were all dying to see what great things we made each other for Christmas this year. So here they are well part of them. Some how we don't have a picture of Wyatt's Skateboard Clock that I made, totally inspired by a clock my brother Clint made as a lad. And the rubber band gun that Kenneth bought... I mean made for Kasey. But as for the other homade gifts they go as follows.... Kynzie made me a very nice stitchery, Wyatt made Ty a baseball and bat holder for his Diamondbacks bat and balls, Kasey made Kynzie a horse pillow, and Ty made Kenneth a hat rack with deer antlers as hooks.

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Amie said...

how sweet that you make gifts for each other! love it!

PS, the word verification today on your comment page is "sheties"...I'm gonna start using that the next time I need an expletive.