Tuesday, January 27, 2009

100 things revisited...

I was thinking a little too much about yesterdays blog post 100 things, that maybe in my 33 years I haven't done enough, or accomplished enough or been daring enough, and that makes me feel very very sad... And then it came to me like a flash in the dark.... I have done many many things... they may be mundane or silly or wonderful but they are important to me... and they are the things that make me- me... and so with no further ado 100 things I have done... in no particular order...

1. Been stopped by the police over 6 times and never gotten a ticket

2. Read many many books just because

3. Sang at my best friends wedding

4. Coached soccer for 6 years

5. Shaved a good portion of my hair off

6. Made my own pair of pants.... MC Hammer style

7. Donated enough blood to get a tshirt

8. Gave birth to, breastfed, and co slept with 4 beautiful babies

9. Wrote many poems

10. Yelled at my child's School principal

11. Dreamt about skeletons eating my fingers off

12. Called 911

13. Saw Mount Rushmore

14. Was PTA president

15. Walked up on a bear in the woods

16. Got 1st place at a science fair

17. Got stuck in an airport alone for 12 hours

18. Drove in a white-out

19. Passed out in public

20. Became a Thespian

21. Lived in 15 plus houses

22. Kidnapped someone (with their parents permission of course)

23. Slow danced in Vegas

24. Beat my husband at a game of horse, on several occasions

25. Been a Bartender

26. Burned myself on a convenient store hot dog roller

27. Loved with all my heart

28. Took a joy ride weekend, drove with the top down, and the wind in my hair with a great mom!

29. Tubed down a river

30. Had a pet ferret

31. Been the loudest cheerer at a baseball game

32. Have seen the unexplainable

33. Spray painted big feet on the highway

34. Lied to spare feelings

35. Lit a fire without a match

36. Shot an antelope

37. Drove a tractor

38. Watched Phantom!

39. Cut my own hair

40. Hatched chicks

41. Been bucked off a horse

42. Got a tattoo

43. Never broke a bone

44. Volunteered

45. Been to professional basketball, football and baseball games

46. Buried the same dead dog 3 times

47. Wore combat boots

48. Wore cowboy boots

49. Voted

50. Flunked

51. Bred Rabbits

52. Stayed up all night rocking a sick kid

53. Been on "medication"

54. Street raced... if you could call it that

55. Drove 100 miles just to eat.

56. Started a blog

57. Rode every ride at Disneyland

58. Thrown up in an airplane bathroom

59. Bottle Fed Kittens

60. Rode on ski lifts in the summertime

61. Have rescued a snake that was stuck on duck tape

62. Seen the Northern Lights

63. Stayed up all night

64. Slept all day

65. Helped Neuter a cat

66. Went Tee P-ing

67. Made a sand castle on the beach

68. Told ghost stories around a fire

69. Picked Wild berries

70. Been in a parade

71. Drank over 53,000 oz. of Coca-cola in the last 3 years

72. Stolen a library book

73. Experienced -15 to 115 degrees

74. Caught a fish and kept it for a pet, for several years

75. Burnt lip on hot pickle

76. Been thrown in a pool fully dressed

77. Been splashed by Shamu

78. Laughed til I cried

79. Done the electric slide

80. Been put in a choke hold

81. Tanned in the nude... (in a tanning bed of course)

82. Stuck a doorknob in mouth

83. Caught fireflies

84. Crawled around in a cave

85. Seen Garth in concert

86. Been Drunk

87. Changed plans in the last minute because of a bad feeling

88. Lost something important

89. Wore a feather in my hair

90. Served in numerous church auxilary presidencies

91. Worried sick

92. Wore black lipstick not on Halloween

93. Took golf lessons

94. Ate icecream for breakfast

95. Felt inadequate

96. Did something I didn't think I could do

97. Played hide and seek in every house I've ever lived in

98. Never been alone for more than 12 hours

99. Made a snow angel

100. Made a list just to make myself feel better


Alex's Human said...

101. Made cousin laugh so hard she choked on a burger!!!

Buried the same dead dog 3 times.. Poor Peaches...

And I won't even ask what compelled you to stick a doorknob in your mouth.. Great list!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I want the stories behind your list.


Pen-nut said...

I love it. What a wonderful idea, I think we should all make a list like that. I never liked the other one for the same reason, makes me feel like I've done nothing in this life. But I love yours - thanks for the inspiration!!

Michelle said...

You're my idol! 100 things TWICE! It took me three months to write my 100 things, and they weren't nearly as interesting.