Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hodge Podge

First and foremost... don't ruin my good mood by telling me how inaccurate 10 day forecasts are, it's all about how you believe.... and I believe to believe that it's accurate. The 10 day forecast for MOVING DAY is Sunny. Now lets just hope it stays that way. Secondly but not at all less important a shout out goes to TY and PEN-NUT... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
3rd I got a lot of stuff done today... well maybe not lots but enough to make me feel like I'm not as lazy as I felt the last few days. I really am running out of things to pack... I have lots of boxes left and that's even with returning $124 worth to the Uhaul store yesterday. So hopefully the moving truck won't be as jam packed as I thought it would be, who knows, I do know that I've been throwing a lot of stuff away. 4th on the 19th we will be shutting down the computer and I'm not sure when we'll be up and running again, I know I know you'll all miss my daily postings (hardy har) but you'll have to be patient until I return... and speaking of absence making the heart grow fonder... 5th I won't go into to much detail for all you pure minded out there, but I truly think you can put the romance back in your marriage by text messaging...your significant other of course, that's all I have to say about that.


Anonymous said...

It's truly amazing what can put romance back into a marriage after so long.


leaner said...

Dirty. I agree though that email and texts can really liven things up (well you know what word is in TEXTS?)

I will miss your posts, but am so happy that you will be moved and all that. Good luck.

Amie said...

bow chica bow bow! ;)