Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy 23rd!

I'm doing a pretty good job of throwing stuff away. That's a good thing. It's amazing what kind of crap that you hold on to when you don't think your going anywhere. I would call myself a pretty good declutterer, but I still have saved things that really didn't need saving. I'm thankful for this opportunity to throw throw throw it away, what a wonderful excuse to get rid of a few garbage bags full of junk. Also pretty happy that so far I've found homes for the 2 dogs, and now just need a home for Pico kitty! As you can see, she's pretty darn cute and very loving and so very very soft, and could use a good indoor only home!
I'm thankful for cell phones with cameras... it's a great way to keep in contact and send pictures to your wife who is anxiously waiting to see her new home. I was excited to be able to get txt pics of the house today... and also sweet messages before I went to bed last night (almost all were G rated I assure you). What wonderful technology we have.


Anonymous said...

"almost all" ha ha ha

Even with my allergies to cats, I think Pico is one nice cat and deserving of a good home. Who can resist the cool ears?


Carter Family said...

Hopefully soon you find a home for Pico. Hey I don't have your e-mail to send you an invite to my blog. Did you ever go and see Twilight?