Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Drive

Mr. Coyote tried to follow us home! We must have looked like a tasty snack!

Yesterday we packed up some pimento and cheese (yummy!) and headed out to enjoy the state in which we live. We also packed my trusty GPS so that we could do a little caching on our way home. (alexs human will be so proud of me, I finally placed that coin I've been carrying around, and logged it too). We traveled over hill over dale??? down the windy dusty trail... which led us to the beautiful sites of Montana.

We spotted this SLOW ELK in the middle of a herd. She didn't look like the other Black Angus she was hanging out with. I thought she was pretty enough for a picture.

Doe a deer peeking out at me. She watched us eat our lunch. Maybe she would have liked some Pimento and Cheese too.

Where we stopped to eat our lunch! The trees by the rivers are all turning yellow. I love fall!

Where are the gnomes???? Aren't these fantastic little mushrooms?

We had a great time. We've been so fortunate to live here for 9 years. I never get tired of driving and seeing all the beautiful things there are to see.

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Alex's Human said...

So very, very proud!! Looks like you had a wonderful day. Glad you found time for some fun :)