Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today... Today.... Today....

I'm sitting here all alone. It's weird. I mean, I'm all by myself. Its the first time in weeks that I have been all alone. I had all these plans to get things done this morning, but in the silence I find myself more willing to just sit here, and listen to nothing but the keyboard keys clicking away, my coke cola glass fissing nearby. Quiet, peaceful, wonderful. And I get 2 whole hours of this.

Yesterday I filled in for a missing babysitter, and watched one of my daycare kids. I was quickly reminded why I will not be doing daycare ever... EVER.... again. It wasn't that it was horrible, Kasey enjoyed herself, and they played nicely together, but you know every parent lets there kids get away with different things. What some people think is cute, or acceptable I may not. And it became apparently clear that my parenting styles and the ones of this particular child's parents are totally different. Not bad completely, just different.

Kenneth just called... he said his interview went well. We'll know more in a couple weeks. This waiting game is killing me. I guess it's a good lesson in patience. And it gives me more time to make a list of positive things about moving back to sunny Arizona. We'll see what happens.


lvh said...

Just keep saying to yourself that you will end up wherever Heavenly Father feels it will be best for you to be at this time in your life. Uncle John is flying to AZ on Thursday for a job interview also. However first he's flying to Nome on Monday to interview on Tuesday and since that one is with an old boss who called him, he's sure to get a job offer. Only time will tell where we actually end up - long term goal is to keep the house in Montana but maybe that isn't what God intends. just HAVE FAITH. love ya, Aunt Lynda

Carter Family said...

It's nice to have an hour or two to yourself. I sometimes do the same while Jaimee is at school. Good luck with your hubby's interviews. Oh I like your plans for November. I just happen to have the same. Hopefully its not disappointing.